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ALSF and relop hold second lusophone webinar training

The African Legal Support Facility (“ALSF”), in partnership with the Association of Portuguese-Speaking Energy Regulators (“RELOP”), hosted the second of a series of three (3) webinars focused on drafting regulations as a key function of regulators.

Held on 12 December 2023, the second joint Lusophone webinar, attracted a cohort of over 40 attendees, including participants from regulatory agencies, government bodies and lawyers. Participants engaged in insightful discussions, highlighting significant formal and substantive aspects related to well-crafted regulations for effective regulatory management in the energy sector.

Moderated by Ms. Indira Gomes, Legal Counsel at the ALSF, the webinar brought together a panel of experts from academia and practitioners from the Portuguese-speaking countries energy regulators comprising: Mr. Hermenegildo Pereira from the Faculty of Law of Guinea-Bissau, Ms. Marisa Vaz Cunha and Mr. José Francisco Veiga from the Portuguese Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) and Mr. Evandro Pereira Caldas from the Brazilian National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuel (ANP).

The webinar, conducted exclusively in Portuguese, was structured in three sessions where discussions delved into the need for clear and unambiguous language in regulatory drafting and the significance of proper planning, preliminary impact assessment and stakeholder consultation in establishing transparent, accessible and effective regulations. During the sessions, speakers shared their experiences in drafting regulations and case studies from Lusophone Africa, Brazil and Portugal.

An overwhelming majority of participants, accounting for over 70%, expressed high levels of satisfaction with the webinar. The positive feedback underscored the interest within the Lusophone region for technical training in the Portuguese language.

The ALSF and RELOP are now gearing up to provide more insightful training sessions in 2024. Plans are underway to arrange additional webinars, aiming to cater to the expressed interest and further address the needs of Lusophone Africa professionals.


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Established in 2008, RELOP is a membership organisation which brings together the energy regulatory authorities of Portuguese-speaking countries with responsibilities in the electricity, natural gas, biofuels, and oil and derivative fuels sectors.


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