Resources & training


The African Mining Legislation Atlas (“AMLA”) project was initiated following the need to make African mining laws more accessible, to catalyze research and policy debates on the legal and regulatory frameworks, as well as to develop young local expertise in African mining.

The AMLA project is a legislation gathering, organization, and dissemination project with three main activities:

  • Creation of the AMLA platform, a free online one-stop resource for Africa's mining legal framework (mining codes, regulations, and related legislation) with interactive features to provide comparative data across existing laws and regulations;
  • Production of the guiding template, an annotated document that outlines a menu of legislative solutions to assist countries in the preparation or revision of their mining laws; and
  • Capacity building through training (on-ground and remotely) of African legal professionals in the use of the platform and the guiding template, and on overall issues in mining law.