ALSF Governing Council recognises contribution of outgoing Director and CEO - Stephen Karangizi

At its 12th Annual Meeting held virtually on 5th July 2021, the Governing Council of the African Legal Support Facility (“ALSF” or “Facility”) noted that Mr. Stephen KARANGIZI was coming to the end of his second five-year term as the Director and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of the ALSF in October 2021, and adopted a motion of thanks in recognition of the outstanding tenure of Mr. Karangizi and his leadership of the ALSF. 

The Governing Council of the ALSF celebrated Mr. Karangizi for his extraordinary appreciation and articulation of the ALSF’s vision and mission at the onset of his tenure, and credited him for overseeing the ALSF’s remarkable growth over the past 10 years, thereby strengthening the confidence of the ALSF’s members, donors, and supporters in the institution. Since Mr. Karangizi’s appointment, the ALSF’s services have increased significantly from a handful of projects in a few African countries to a portfolio of nearly 300 operations in more than 45 African countries. The relevance and impact of the ALSF’s interventions were critical in the Governing Council’s recent extension of the term of the ALSF for a further 14 years. 

Responding to the motion of thanks, Mr. Karangizi expressed gratitude to the Governing Council and the Management Board for their support, excellent working relationship, and devotion to the ALSF’s cause. Reflecting on his tenure, he pointed out that despite numerous changes in the membership of the Council and Board, their consistency, direction, and ownership remained unwavering, as well as the ALSF members’ efforts in mobilizing resources which have enabled the Facility to achieve its objectives. Mr. Karangizi also acknowledged that the ALSF’s achievements were the result of teamwork and thanked the ALSF team for their hard work and dedication.

After 10 years at the helm, Mr. Karangizi will be returning home to Uganda. Altogether, he has spent over 28 years working with various African institutions, and an additional 10 years prior to that working as a lawyer for the governments of a number of African countries.